• New Re-Enactor Groups must make a request to participate, to the Mid Atlantic Air Museum by email, between October 1st and March 15th, to be considered for participation in the next event. 
  • A group must consist of eight or more Re-Enactors.
  • All Re-Enactor Groups participating in WWII Weekend, participate by invitation from the Mid Atlantic Air Museum.
  • Individual Re-Enactors must be listed on the group roster of a invited participating Re-Enactor Group.
  • Individual Re-Enactors must then register online during the open online registration period to participate in the next event.
  • Registered Re-Enactors will receive their event wristband at check-in. The event wristband must be worn at all times during the event and will allow the individual entry.
  • Re-Enactors must enter and exit thru Gate 5 only. 
  • Vehicles will enter and exit thru Gate 5A.
  • Handicapped Re-Enactors may enter and exit at the French Village Gate with a Mid Atlantic Air Museum Handicap Pass. 
  • Registered Re-Enactors must be wearing their period uniform/apparel to enter during the show hours Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 
  • Note: Members of the general public who choose to dress in period military or civilian attire are welcome, but will need to purchase an admission ticket to enter and are not permitted to carry any type of weapon.
  • Note: Re-Enactors who have not registered, will be required to pay admission, cannot participate in Re-Enactor activities and will not be permitted to remain on the event grounds after show hours.
  • ALL Vehicles must be part of a participating Re-Enactor Group and must be registered in advance with the Event Vehicle Coordinator. Vehicle registration ends May 1st. Vehicles belonging to the general public cannot be displayed at the event. 
  • The Mid Atlantic Air Museum reserves the right to conduct background checks on any WWII reenactment groups or individual reenactors.

World War II Weekend Registration

Will Open April 2nd and Closes April 25th

Credit: Dani Downing