Shoo Shoo, Dinah!


What a wonderful testamonial to the men and women who sacrified it all for our freedom. Please keep the memories and spirit alive for years to come. 

Rick C.


The show was wonderful, this was our 18th year to attend. I am always amazed every year at how you folks handle the rising attendance at your show.   The first time we brought our boys to the show they were in their double stroller and we parked right at the main gate.  We enjoy everything about the MAAM World War II weekend and I thought that the layout this year was exceptional.  I believe that my two sons have a wonderful appreciation of history and an admiration of all vets in part due to the WW II air show.

Mary Behun

My third year for WW2 Weekend and it was just as wonderful as my first two events I have attended.  I can not express enough how wonderful the show is with the hands on experience everyone can have.  The Memphis Belle and the Lancaster were a surprise to me.  What wonderful aircraft to see in person.  The Jacky C/P-40 was also a wonder to see in operation.  In fact, all of the aircraft are wonderful to see.  I’m extremely pleased that I could show my daughters these warbirds in action for one day we might not be able to see them fly.  With that, thank you MAAM and all the other curators/pilots that have taken their time to show us these aircrafts/vehicles/weapons.  I can not end this without mentioning all the others who bring vehicles of the period as well as weapons/outfits. Thanks for keeping these vehicles running.   All involved truly make it a WW2 Weekend.  Also, three cheers for the bus drivers who transport the attendees to and from the parking lots.  A great operation and job well done!  See you next year!


Chris Gossweiler     


Another wonderful World War II weekend hosted by the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum/Reading Airport.  Special thanks to all those who assist in the organization and logisitcs of this event, including the re-enactors, vehicle and aircraft owners who travel many miles, often at great cost, to participate, and especially to the dwindling number of actual combat veterans who brave the elements to share their important memories with the public.  It is, after all, their individual and collective legacies that the World War II Weekend will continue to preserve in years to come.   How is it that America has produced such brave men and women . . .


Robert Mastandrea


I feel like my grandfather, who served in the US Navy and saw and felt the kamikaze planes hit his ship off Okinawa in 1945, is with me when I attend this truly fantastic event.  The attention to detail of your re-enactors, the layout and scheduling of the events and displays truly helps immerse those in attendance to the weekend.  Not only great flying, but the static displays of encampments, equipment, both on the warfront and home front, are not surpassed anywhere.  This weekend is one I look forward to every year, and have for the  last several have brought my son to help him understand the “Greatest Generation”.


To see the old guys and gals of World War II is a great experience, and I’m honored to be in their midst for this weekend. 


Semper Fidelis, GySgt USMC


Thanks once again to all the MAAM staff for another wonderful WWII Weekend.  The weather brightened up, & we had tremendous flying.   Most of all, your Missing Man formations honored Bob.  We know he was flying with us all day.  I know he'll be there tomorrow as well.

Thanks again... & have a great day tomorrow.

Robb Enright

PS- Welcome back to the best show & flightline layout.  It really made for better viewing of the battle, the Mt. Suribachi reenactment,  & the flying.


This was our first trip to the WWII Weekend. We had an outstanding time. You folks dealt well with the curve ball thrown by the rain and mud. We hope to come back. Well worth the 12 hour drive!
A special thanks to all the veterans who came, and to everyone involved in organizing the arrangements for them. Hope to see even more next year! Keep up the good work! And thanks to all the aircraft owners and pilots!
Glenn and family



2009 was my second year for WW2 Weekend and it was just as fantastic as my first visit in 2008.   Many thanks for the event coordinators and all behind the scenes that make it happen!  It is such a personable show and really hands on.  All involved are truly wonderful.  Many thanks and I’m looking forward to next year’s event! 


Chris Gossweiler



This was my first year at the event and it was absolutely FABULOUS!!!  We even had fun on Friday in the rain.  I am telling everyone I know about the event and plan on bringing lots of people next year.  I am also interested in becoming a volunteer.
Kind Regards,


I want to say on behalf of my sons and me that our experience was the most spectacular show we have seen. My sons were blown away by the scope of the show.They said that they will remember that weekend forever..but what they don't know is that we will return next year with a larger crowd and that will also have to be added to that memory.

John La Via
Sherman Ct.


I attended this years WWII weekend on Saturday the 6th, 2009.

We had beautiful weather and an all around GREAT time!!! This was my 2nd time attending the WWII weekend with my dad, stepmom and a few friends. We me so many wonderful people and talked to so many of the gentlemen who fought for our freedom..  I especially loved the radio programs and abbot and Costello, not to mention the bombers. There is no other sound in the world that sounds so awesome and yet so powerful at the same time. I’m looking forward to next year for the 20th anniversary even more than this year!! Thanks to everyone for making our time at the MAAM and WWII weekend a very memorable one..



Barnesville, Pa



It was a great show this year (2009).  I especially enjoyed the “Griffin Spitfire”, “P-51 Gentleman Jim & Old Crow”,  “B-25 Yankee Warrior”, “Stuka” (delighted surprise!).  As always, the hospitality and air show ‘battlefield’ excitement was second to none. This year’s show was everything we anticipated and more!  Can’t wait for next year!


I have posted this year (and last) Reading PA WWII WE aircraft photography on my aircraft website: Tom’s ATC :  Please drop in!


Thanks again,

Tom S, Angela S, Karen S. and Kevin M.



I would just like to thank all the members for a great air show.  I took my 77 year old father to the air show on Friday the 6th. He was in the Air Force for 20 years.  He went in right after WW II ended on served on the Berlin Air Lift.  He enjoyed going through the C-54 Berlin Air Lift plane that was at the show.  As a gift for him we both went up on the Yankee Lady B-17.  I think if is was not for his ears, the smile on his face would have taken off his head.  Both my dad and I had a great day spending time together enjoying all the events and displays.  My dad is still talking and showing pictures of the day.  Also one of the gate personnel was a great help to us when we went to go home.  I had left a light on in my car and he gave me a jump start to get me going.  He would not even take any thing for the help.


Thank you again for a very great and memorable day with my father.


Peter Reichel

Neptune, NJ



Dear folks at MAAM:

This was or first trip to the WW 2 Weekend, but it will NOT be our last.  My husband, a real WWII buff, is now addicted after the amazing reality of the skirmishes and holding the actual weapons; you get a TRUE appreciation for how many obstacles the men faced, and how hard they worked to keep us free.   We went this year for a special reason - my brother-in-law and sister attend EVERY year.   For 20 years, he has talked about the B-17 flights, and that, before he dies, he's going on that flight!  So, as a family, a bunch of us chipped in and bought him the flight.  I have NEVER seen someone so happy - and it wasn't the "fun" of it that got him - he came off of there fairly speechless with respect and awe for that bird, what she was, and the magnificence of the technology.  He was amazed, and it was a joy to stand in that heat and wait for him to "come down" (I don't think he has yet).   Best of all, we now have a new love in our life - the MAAM and the WW 2 weekend, and, as we will be true "empty nesters" in 2 months, we like building new traditions for our "new" life.


God Bless All - GREAT JOB!!!
Allentown/Orefiel, PA


We had a great time at the WW II Weekend.  There was so much to see and we met some really nice folks.  Thank you so much for hosting such a great event.  My husband will be writing a review of the event for his company newsletter, so maybe next year a few more Marylanders will have the great experience we did.

Thanks again.

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Setzer
Perry Hall, MD

Two very positive points from yesterday’s show - 


1)  your flyers / reminders that you posted throughout the show regarding dehydration and sunscreen were very appropriate and useful -  I am certain that they helped prevent more cases of having to call EMS.  The same goes for providing the water buffaloes and the sprinklers – that is excellent!


2)  it is great that your announcer during the show allowed for some time WITHOUT any talking or music so that you can actually hear the engines.  THAT is what people come for, and the occasional silent time between getting facts or updates on where we are in the program is great to have, both live or later on video.  The volume level was perfect too, even right in front of a speaker (not too loud)


Thank you! 


Johannes Dapprich



My son and I just returned after spending a day at your WWII weekend.  Please pass my congratulations for an outstanding event to the parties responsible, including the organizers, the military encampment troops, and the people physically running the show.  From the moment I arrived and was directed to a parking spot, till the moment I got off the shuttle bus to begin the ride home, I was overwhelmed at how well everything was organized, how smoothly it was executed, and how, despite the large number of people attending, I never felt crowded, never had a problem finding food or a rest stop, and never had trouble finding a helpful person.  Truly amazing considering the scope of the undertaking.  You guys put the people working the stadiums in Philadelphia to shame.

Hope we get to see you all again next year.


John Brett
Holland, PA

Thanks for another great show! My dad loves it as he was with the 389th Bomb Group in England and gets a real kick out of seeing all the 8th Air Force stuff. Plus so many people come up to him to ask for his autograph and say "Thank You", it really makes him feel good too.

Did you guys put new benches around? They sure came in handy with the heat!

I was trained as an Airframe Repairman in the Army back in 1970 and worked on a few helicopters. I've forgotten probably most everything but do you guys ever need help with that kind of thing? I live about 1 hour away but I think it would be fun to spend a day or whatever helping out, if I can.

Thanks again-
Jack Pavie


I want to congratulate the web-designer for a fantastic job on this web site.  It was easy to navigate and I especially enjoyed the music, nice touch.  My husband and I have been coming to the air show for many years.  My husband's father jumped on D-Day with the 82nd Airborne.  He told us many stories about WWII.  One year we took him to the show and he enjoyed looking over a C-47 that he had jumped out of.  He also fought in The Battle of the Bulge, Market Garden, and in Germany.  He was quite a guy!  We are looking forward to this year. 

Margaret Bau

Hunlock Creek, PA.

We LOVED the 2006 event, and will be back for 2008.  Thanks to all the fine folks who make it possible…especially the folks in the office at MAAM who were so helpful and courteous when we asked lots of silly questions and ordered our tickets.  Travel safely and God bless our Troops…past and present.

Bob Cammaroto and Family
Port Tobacco, MD

Thank you so much for making the WWII weekend the best thing during summer vacation.


Nick Weaver, age 13

Lancaster, PA


This is one of our country’s most outstanding events.  Everyone who contributes to putting on the WWII Weekend deserves a Presidential Citation for their efforts to preserve the greatest era in our nation’s time.  I have now attended several consecutive shows from New Hampshire and will continue to do so.  I am so looking forward to seeing that beautiful P-61 fly!  I hope that Bob Bolinder will have the chance to see it – I would love to see his reaction.  But my conversations with veterans like him are probably what I look forward to most.  Kudos to these men and women who continue to turn out year after year.  Hats off in memory to Robert Morgan and Paul Tibbetts, and all the other vets that have passed on that I wasn’t fortunate enough to meet.



New Hampshire


The show and re-enactors were simply great.  I was in the CAF in the 70's and 80's.  Flew into many shows and have attended shows most of my life.  Your event was far beyond any with respect to overall enjoyment and historic value.  There is no way to thank all of the re-enactors but what a super effort on their part.


Your web site is excellent.


Thank you.  I now look forward to next year.


Chuck Lindell

Bristol, TN and Colorado Springs, CO


Hi Fellas: 

I just wanted to thank you all again for a very fun and profitable visit to your air show.  Greatly appreciate your hospitality, and help during the weekend.  We all had a great time, and hope that our attendance was also a benefit for you guys.

And as Gunny proclaimed in front of God and everybody, we'll be back again next year!  (if you'll have us).

Take care...and thanks again.

Rob Lihani

History Channel

"Mail Call"


Hi All;

My wife and I drive 7 hours from Boston MA for the reenactment and the air show each year. I think just seeing the P-61 is worth the trip. I think you people do a great job on parking.  I am a member of the Plymouth Aero Club in Plymouth MA and I was in charge of parking for many years at our small fly in


Thanks for all your hard work

Dick Bryant
Boston, MA


I just wanted you to know that I attended the WW II weekend for the first time and jumped in with both feet. We arrived Thur. evening to watch the B-17 and went home on Monday.  My girlfriend and I had a great time.  The weather was a little sticky but what can you do.  I have always been a fan of aviation and history.  I have seen most everything you had there in museums but it was beyond what I expected, to see it all in operation.  I have been to a lot of airshows but they usually only have a couple of warbirds and fewer flying.  There were two firsts for me.  To see a Hurricane fly and to see a PBY in person.  There wasn't one part of it I didn't enjoy, but my favorite part were all the warbirds.  I did not get to attend the hanger dances, but I will next year.  

 Brian Hayward

Ashburn, VA


Last year (2006) was my 1st visit to the show & this year it was even better. I'm hooked. Looking forward to having even a better time next year. Nice work putting it all together. THANKS for a great weekend & we will be back next year.
Kerry Schacht



HI, last weekend was great at the show.  I think its gets better every year.  Bravo to Mike Zortman for that outstanding slide show.  Excellent!
The web site is the best I've ever seen!
Ralph P. DiLemmo
Norristown, PA


WHAT A SHOW !!!!!!!!!!
My son and I came from Colorado, and it was worth every bit of the time there.  Hat's off to all for putting on the best show in the USA........Special thanks to Dolly Drumheller, giving us a lot of good info on the show, what to see, especially in the evening hangar dances.  Looking forward to 2008 show.......... Thanks again for a great show.

John and David Grier,
Colorado Springs, CO

Me and my family went to the WWII show in 2003.  I've been wanting to go ever since that, and this year I finally got to go again. It was so awesome and cool!  I had so much fun even though it was very hot.  I'm happy to say were going to go next year.

  Taylor Bennett


Greetings and a big well done to all the wonderful staff there on the latest WW II weekend.  I and my friend mike have been down to your show many times and I just wanted to commend you and your volunteers on the job well done.  Aside from the rain, which no one can predict or control, we both very much enjoyed ourselves.  I liked very much how the encampments were moved around to change things up a bit and there really isn't much I can say I didn't enjoy about the weekend.  I was disappointed to see the number of bombers down and fighters as well but with weather conditions elsewhere and gas prices flying through the roof, I understand. 


The only suggestion I can think of that I would do is trash cans.  I walked all over and around looking for trash cans to throw my garbage out and about the only place I could find any was near the facilities or way over by the concession stands.  A few placed here and there among or along the fences would have been a big help, not a lot but a few at least.  I hope that i will be able to come to next years show, I am already looking forward to it.  This will be my 5th year.  Thanks for taking the time to read this, have a super day and God Bless you for the work you do keeping the memories of our veterans alive. 


Bob Bender Jr.


This was the first World War 2 weekend that I have attended.  Even though the weather was poor at some times, it was one of the best experiences I ever had.  It was fun to meet R. Lee Emery, Lynn "Buck" Compton, Don Malarkey, and Forrest Guth.  Keep up the good work, MAAM.
Can't wait till next year,





I just wanted to tell you that I attended the WWII Weekend yesterday for the  first time & was IMPRESSED!!!!  It was my son's graduation present - he is a HUGE WWII buff - & I also had my 7 year old along.  We had a GREAT day!  Everything was wonderful & the staff was very polite & helpful.  From the French Village, to the aircraft, to the re-enactors, to the displays & of course, the VIP's.  To actually speak to & shake the hands of the members of Easy Company, Dutch Van Kirk & the Rosie the Riveters was just thrilling!


The only downside to our day was the canceling of the 5:30 B-17 flight - my son as supposed to go on that one.


I also wanted to commend you for the way you handled the missing child occurrence.  When I heard that all the gates were shut until the child was located - I just thought that was a wonderful, intelligent & caring thing to do & wanted to commend you on it. Thank you.


I am an anthracite history re-enactor & am considering becoming a WWII re-enactor - a wife on the home front.  Do you have any use for me?  I was thinking of doing a Victory Cake, knitting, something along those lines.


Again. I was so impressed with your WWII Weekend & am planning on returning next year. Thank you for doing this & helping to keep their stories alive!



Regina  D.





We greatly enjoyed our visits to MAAM for the last two WWII weekends.  This year, our party was comprised of six individuals (we had only three last year), and next year, we expect to have 12 -15 enthusiasts.  In addition to the flight demonstrations and the re-enactors' encampments, we especially appreciated the USO shows and the simulated radio broadcasts.  They truly made one feel as if it were 1941.  And that's not to mention the Bar-B-Q chicken dinners.  All a lot of fun.


Rich K

Wilkes-Barre, PA


I just wanted to drop a thank you note for everything.  The students  
and the parents that came had a great time.  Here is a link to some 
of the pics.   I will also have a podcast in the next couple of days.


Mike Hinton


Hello Sir I am unfortunately pre-arranged to go to a family outing in North Central PA the First weekend of june every year but want you all to know How very much I love seeing you guys fly over Reading to give us all a taste of what is to be for the weekend! I appreciate it very much as my father was a infantry man and motorcycle scout during the WW2 serving in the 67th Regiment of the 2nd Armoured. He has passed away as of the 5th of March this year and I will proudly be displaying "OLD GLORY" on the roof at my Work for you boys to see as you do the fly overs in town Tomorrow. Please acknowledge our treasured and most Beautiful flag as you fly over the Reading Foundry Building at 7th and Chestnut when you do you fly over and Tell Doc Tellam Hi for me if you would be so kind Thank you for keeping those old girl in the air!


                                                                                 Paul L Beavens Jr


                                                                   ( Proud son of one of the greatest generation)




I just wanted to let you know that I made the trip all the way from Boston to attend the World War II Weekend thanks to your broadcast announcing  it.  What an event, very impressive!  Thanks..


Lee H.


Boston, Massachusetts


I stumbled onto the MAAM WW2 weekend back in 1996. Being from Arizona it was nice to see the east coast Warbird collection. Since that time I’ve been to most of the major west coast air shows but I have found myself coming back to Reading, PA every June since 2001. I plan my whole summer vacation around the first weekend in June. It’s got something for everybody! If you’re from the north east and you’re not at this show, you’re missing out. It’s got atmosphere, something that is missing at most of today’s shows. I’ll be there again this year….rain or shine!

Rob S.

Sunny Phoenix, Arizona



I would like to thank the MAAM staff for all of their hard work in putting together the WWII weekend event.  It is definitely the highlight of my year.  I am really interested in this time period in our nation's history.  Also, as an avid R/C and plastic modeler, the WWII weekend provides the best opportunity to take photographs for scale documentation.  This weekend gives me a chance to pause and reflect on the sacrifices of our brave young men and women, and the cost of many of the freedoms that we enjoy today.  Once again, thank you, and keep up the great work.


See ya in June.             

Bob H.     

Chambersburg, Pa.


I have been coming to Reading's WW2 Weekends since 1994.  I have not missed a year thus far.  What can I say, but WOW!   I LOVE IT !  It is like stepping back in time.  I have met so many WONDERFUL people over the years.  I probably
have a few thousand photographs.  


CAN'T WAIT till next year,
James B

I had the great privilege to attend your show this past June.  This is the 4th time I attended this great event, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2006.  Unfortunately I was unable to go in 2005.  I am 64 years old and as a kid the P61 Black Widow was one of my favorite aircraft.  In 2002 when I first found out about the plane you are restoring I was elated.  I visit your website often to keep track of the progress.  I must admit for a time I was disappointed because there did not seem to be much progress on the web site even though I was able to see the progress on the plane.  I have just reviewed the web site and in particular the “Widow’s Web” All I can say is “WOW”.  You are doing a great job and I will do anything and everything in my power to be there when this beauty flies again.  I have given money to help each time I have visited the museum, I just wish I had the wherewithal to do more.
Thanks for bringing this bird back to life.


Michael H.


Well this was our 5th year at the WWII weekend.  My boys aged 12, 10 and 8 look forward to this all year long.  This year we attended all three days and my sons were all in full uniform all three days.  We all appreciate very much the preservation of history and no one can convey that as can the heroes who were there.  We already have next year on the schedule and my sons are already watching the surplus stores for the next additions to their gear. 


Thanks for a truly great weekend.


David, Devon, Tyler and John N.



I recently drove up from North Carolina to attend the World War II Weekend.  It was the first one I had attended, and I wanted to express to you my appreciation for putting on such a good show.   The part I enjoyed most of all was meeting and talking with the WWII personalities that attended the show.  It was a true honor to meet all of the WWII veterans that attended.  Of everyone that attended I greatly enjoyed meeting Marvin Perrett (Higgins boat coxswain) and Dick Hewitt (P-51 pilot).  I am hoping to attend next years WWII Weekend and I hope that many veterans are able to return again for the next show.  They truly made it a wonderful experience for me.  Thanks again and I look forward to next years show.


Best Wishes

Matt M



As always another great job by the staff and all the volunteers in putting together a great weekend.  My son and I started attending in 2001, he had just turned 10.  Talk about living history!!  This is one of those places that we attend for the complete weekend every year and still see and learn something every single year.  We are members and while we don't get up to help, I recommended joining to everyone to keep this fine tradition going.  Does Teresa Eaman have a web site?  Such a powerful  voice.  Once again many thanks for a great weekend.


Jim and Josh G



This was my second year at the event, and I, personally, loved the thrill of seeing up close men in uniform, listening to the music of the period, and watching the aircraft shows.  Being a video buff and loving history, I didn't hesitate to interview the re-enactors to get their perspective of the WWII era.  They provided me with much history and background. It was quite evident that these brave and courageous men and women have a passion in their craft and are very enthralled in those who take a likening for what they do.  Just, truly, a remarkable time!




This was our third year in attendance and it seems to get better every year. The Lancaster was great and the ability to meet key people in history is unmatched!  My sons were able to fire a few "rounds" from a 30 caliber, hold several other weapons of the era and we even got them each a "steel pot" helmet that they seem to wear every moment of the day.  As always weather plays a part but you do manage to work around it.

Thanks again!


This was the first WWII Weekend that I have attended, and I had a wonderful time. It was an honor of a lifetime to be able to meet so many of my heroes from World War II.  These men did a great service to our country, and it was a pleasure to just get to shake their hands.  I hope there will be better weather next year because I will definitely be coming back again!


Thanks, Matt M

 Greensboro, NC



I just want to thank you for finding an extra WWII Weekend shirt for may father and taking the time to call us so we would be able to purchase this for him. The extra effort was very nice of you especially as we know you are probably very busy with the Airshow and it's completion. I just wanted you to be aware that we are very thankful to you and all the museum staff for the great time the whole group of us had, how well organized everything was and for taking the time in finding my father a shirt. We just mailed the "Mailing Tube" for the poster which I want to thank you for also.  Well, Thanks again and we will be in touch and have a great weekend.



Brian N



Hello.  I attended the event on Sunday and thought it was terrific, even though I was a bit disappointed that the BF109 didn't make it.  At the hangar I spoke to a wonderful guy who had been a Corsair pilot in WWII.  He is writing a book about his experiences.  Unfortunately, I've forgotten his name, although I did sign his register to receive notice when his book is ready.  I wonder if you could supply his name and perhaps a little more info about the man?


Thanks for your help.

Lee H



I thought it was a really good air show.  It was a good idea to have the battle scenes near the airfield, and it is always wonderful to see those old planes fly!  My son loved seeing Sgt. Ermey.  I am already looking forward to next year!


Frank W.



Just wanted to let you know that I'm hooked on your GREAT Air show, & will be in attendance next year.  We drove down from NYC & spent two wonderful days in Reading Pa.  I attended both Sat. & Sun. shows & it just got better every second.  Hopefully next year Mother Nature might give us a better day. The fly bys were great & you had my favorite fighter plane the P-51D in attendance & flying. All the people were so nice & the special guests were the nicest people & American hero's I have ever been lucky enough to meet. The re-enactors were not only dressed to perfection, they were so knowledgeable in regard to all equipment & shared this with anyone who wanted to find out. One of the BEST Air show I have ever been to.


THANKS MAAM, see you next year-

Kerry S, Danny M.





My husband and I were at this year's WWII Weekend and we just loved it.  We spent all 3 days there just seeing everything.  We own an AT-6 and would like to try to bring it to your show next year.  We were wondering what/who we need to contact in order to make these arrangements and also how far in advance do we need to contact you?  Thank you so much and we hope to be there in 2007 in our airplane.


Roger and Margaret S


Recent weekend was a big hit and although weather adversely impacted other units/aircraft during two of 3 nights, nothing could stop the Marine Machine from turning this into the event of events.  Details to follow but to cut to the chase it was all we had hoped for and more. 

...I mean it - a great job!!  Was proud and honored by what I observed - Americans at their patriotic best.  This was the 1st event I went to having just returned from Iraq the previous weekend.   

...appreciate all the hard work and effort of the fine folks at the MAAM for another terrific show!!! Good on you all.

Semper Fi

Russ Jamison
LtCol   USMC




First I would like to say thank you for putting on such a wonderful show.  I attended on Saturday, June 3rd.  I had such a wonderful time, I  will now be attending every year.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


James P


Great show, great guests, great crowds, great planes.  It just keeps getting better every year.


I was very glad also to have the chance to meet R. Lee Ermey, "Gunney", who I consider a true American patriot.  I hope he can be there again next year!



Mike P



This was the first time I was able to come to your show from Philadelphia.  It was nothing less than great.  Will be there again.  Great job


 Ron M


I visited the WWII weekend on June 3rd 2006 with friends and we thoroughly enjoyed our day.  It was fantastic, the highlight of the day was seeing the Lancaster bomber.  Myself being British it was very poignant to see. Although none of us were alive in the WWII so we have no experience of what happened in the war.  We were disappointed that the Spitfire and Hurricane were not present but the Lancaster made up for that. 


Thank you again for a great show.


Cheryl s, Tina K & Chris K    



I truly enjoyed the WW2 Weekend this year.  Each year I see something different, and learn a little.


I would like to know if it is possible to get one or two of the tickets that were used this year.  I do scrapbooking and I would like to have a ticket to put with my picture.  My daughter would also like a ticket.  I wish we didn't have to hand in the tickets.  They make a great souvenir.


Thanks for your attention!






Just a quick note of appreciation.  You out did yourselves this year.  A fabulous show.  My brother spent all day Friday at the show with our cousin & mentioned he felt the same, as I spent a short time on Friday but all day Saturday & Sunday.....I figured I spent 19 hours over the 3 days and we both felt the time goes by so fast. 


So many interesting people not only as invited guests but in attendance as well.  I am truly saddened when Sunday at 5 arrives.      


Already looking forward to next year's show on June 1,2 and 3.






Dear MAAM members,


I just want to let you know that I have a great time at the World War 2 Weekend.  I enjoyed seeing the Avro Lancaster bomber and the consolidated B24 flying around the airport.  I also like hearing Theresa Eaman sing at the Officer's  Club.   But it was little disappointing not seeing the Messerschmitt 109 and the Spitfire.  I do understand that sometimes bad weather plays its part not having all the warbirds to show up for the week-end.  I  just want to say thank you for the great time.   


As for the next year world war 2 week-end I would like to see the return of the Lancaster bomber, and also would like to see the Messerschmitt 109, the PBY,  the P38 Lighting and a rain free week-end.


Thank you

Yours truly

Gene S




The Mid Atlantic Air Museum just finished their annual WW II weekend and as goes with outdoor events Mother Nature can tend to be temperamental from time to time.  Some of the air show acts had to cancel due to the weather; the Russell Group was grounded with their Hurricane, Spitfire, and BF-109.  The weather did little to dampen the spirits of those who showed up, and the show did go on in spite of low, heavy ceilings, and occasional drizzle.  The low overcast did diminish the quality of photos, but the Lancaster came out well.


Kudos’s to MAAM who organized and ran an excellent show in spite of the weather.  MAAM’s fine efforts are demonstrated with their ongoing P-61 restoration effort, which can be seen online at


Have a great day!


Daryl J



This was my second year at the show.  It was fantastic.   As an avid modeler, the opportunity to get up close and personal with the aircraft has provided a nice library of details for future projects.


The "1st weekend in June" is booked for years to come.