The Mid-Atlantic Air Museum's World War II Weekend Special Guests


 June 1 - 2 - 3, 2018


Updated May 15, 2018




Frank Levandowski

82nd Airborne Division, USA

Don Malarkey

101st Airborne Division, USA

Jack Widowski

 509th Composite Group, USAAF

Jerry Yellin

 VII Fighter Command, USAAF

Fred Zimmerli

 509th Composite Group, USAAF

Harlan Twible

 USS Indianapolis, CA-35, USN



What follows is a partial roster of our scheduled Special Guests for the upcoming WWII Weekend.  As the show draws near and others are confirmed we'll add them, so please check back to see what other guests are coming.

WWII Weekend guest speaker's schedules will be posted at each speaker's venue at the show.  At other times, many of these veterans will be available to meet and sign autographs at tables in the main hangar.  In some cases an autograph fee may be charged by the Special Guest.

Guests are scheduled to appear on the days noted in their details below.


Hershel "Woody" Williams

Sergeant, USMC, 1st Bn, 21st Marines, 3rd Marine Div.

Awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor
for actions in the Battle of Iwo Jima
click the link above to read his citation

Appearing Saturday

William Bonelli

LTC, USAAF, 773 Bomb Sqdn, 463rd Bomb Group, 15th Air Force

B-17 Pilot,  30 missions over Italy as Sqdn. Leader.

Distinguished Flying Cross

Hickam Field, Hawaii - Pearl Harbor Survivor

Appearing Friday, Saturday and Sunday


Nate Kline

Major, USAAF, 454th Sqdn, 323rd Bomb Group, 9th AF

B-26 Bombardier, 65 Combat Missions, including the Normandy Invasion.
Shot down twice in one week.

Appearing Sunday


Richard Boyd

Flt. Lt. DFC, R.A.F. No. 195 Squadron, No. 3 Group, Bomber Command

Lancaster Pilot, 33 Missions over Germany and France

Appearing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Rae Guistwite   

Captain, USA, 2nd Armored Division

Tank Observer, Battle of the Bulge veteran

Appearing Saturday

Carl Constein

Lieutenant, USAAF Air Transport Command

Veteran C-46 pilot of 96 flights "over the Hump" in the China-Burma-India Campaign.

Lt. Constein will greet the public at the C-46 "Tinker Belle"

Appearing Saturday and Sunday

C-46 Commando #018

Edward McElduff

Ensign, USN, Landing Ship Tank, USS LST-981

Purple Heart

D-Day Veteran

Appearing Saturday


LST 981

Matt Gutman

CPO, USN, Landing Ship Tank, USS LST-553

Coxswain on LST that supported Peleliu, Leyte, Mindoro, Lingayen Gulf, Subic Bay, and Okinawa Landings

Appearing Friday and Saturday



Forrest Taylor

SFC, USA, 75th Infantry Division

Battle of the Bulge veteran

Appearing Saturday

Richard Smith

PO3, USN,  USS Shad (SS-235)

Petty Officer on a fleet submarine that sank 4 Japanese Ships

Appearing Saturday

SS-235 USS Shad

Dick Schimmel

SSgt, USA, Radio Operator, Signal Company, Aircraft Warning, Hawaii

Pearl Harbor Survivor

Appearing Friday, Saturday and Sunday



Michael "Mickey" Yonkovig

SSgt, USAAF, 867th Bombardment Sqdn, 494th Bombardment Group, 7th Air Force

B-24 radar/radio operator, 23 missions in the Pacific Theater, 13 over Japan

Appearing Saturday and Sunday

B-24s of the 867th Sqdn

Bob Huber

SSgt, USA, 415th Regt., 104th Infantry Division, First Army

Machine-Gunner, Battle of the Bulge Veteran

Appearing Friday, Saturday and Sunday


Thomas Hoke

SSgt, US Army, 312th Medical Bn. Co C 347th Inf Regt, 87th Inf Div

Combat Medic, Battle of the Bulge Veteran

Appearing Friday, Saturday and Sunday

William "Bill" Fili

SSgt, USAAF, 450th Bomb Group, 47th Wing, 15th Air Force

B-24 Engineer/ Top Turret Gunner

Bronze Star, Purple Heart

34 Missions over Europe, Shot down on the Second
Ploesti Raid, POW

Appearing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Crew of the B-24 "Destiny Deb"
Bill is second from the right, front row.

Joe Drake

Sgt, USA, A Co, 2nd Ranger Battalion

Veteran of
Normandy, Northern France, Ardennes-Alsace, Central Europe, and Rhineland Battles in Europe

Appearing Saturday and Sunday

Guy Whidden

Sergeant, USA, HQ Co., 2nd Bn, 502nd PIR, 101st Airborne Div.

Jumped into Normandy on D-Day and Holland during Operation Market Garden.

Appearing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Kenneth Fidler

Sonarman 3rd Class, USN, USS Loy (DE-160)

Destroyer Escort Sonar Operator, Atlantic and Pacific Theaters

Appearing Saturday

DE-160 USS Loy

Chuck Kline

BM3, USN, USS Wasatch (AGC-9)

Crewmember on General MacArthur's Command Ship

Appearing Saturday

USS Wasatch

Ralph Foulks

Aviation Radioman 2nd Class, USN, USS Hornet (CV-12)

SB2C Helldiver Radio Operator/Gunner

Distinguished Flying Cross

Shot down while bombing the battleship Yamato during the Battle of Okinawa.

Rescued by Destroyer

Appearing Friday, Saturday and Sunday 


Harry Adams

AAM2, USN, USS Boxer (CV-21)

Aviation Machinist Mate working on Hellcats and Corsairs

Appearing Saturday

USS Boxer CV-21

Mahlon L. Fink

Cpl, USMC, 5th Marine Division

Purple Heart

Iwo Jima Veteran

Appearing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Norris Jernigan

Spec/Cpl, USAAF, 393rd Bomb Sqdn. (VH) 509th Composite Group

Responsible for preparation of information required for bombing missions.

Appearing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday


Raymond DeRaymond

Cpl, USA, Company "C", 86th Chemical Mortar Battalion

Battle of the Bulge veteran

Appearing Sunday


Alex Horanzy

PFC, USA, 24th Infantry Division

Bronze Star

Combat Infantryman, Pearl Harbor Survivor

Appearing Saturday


Richard "Dick" Donald

Sonarman 1st Class, USN, USS Melvin R. Nawman (DE-416), 3rd Fleet

Destroyer Escort Sonar Operator, veteran of Battle of Leyte Gulf and other actions in the Pacific Theater.

Korean War destroyer veteran.

Appearing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday


DE-416 USS Melvin R. Nawman

Herbert Ridyard

PFC, USA, H Co., 301st Inf., 94th Infantry Division, 3rd Army

Combat Infantryman,

Northern France, Ardennes, Rhineland & CEntral Germany campaigns.

Appearing Saturday and Sunday

Ken Happel

PFC, USA, 29th Infantry Division

D-Day, Omaha Beach, Normandy Invasion Veteran

Appearing Saturday

David Wisnia

Auschwitz-Birkenau  Holocaust Survivor/Escapee
101st Airborne Division Official Interpreter

Appearing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Hermann Pfisterer

born in Germany in 1934,  at age 9 he became a member of the  “Deutsches Jungvolk,” (DJ) a  Hitler Youth Group mandatory for boys aged 10 to 14.

Appearing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

David Tuck

Holocaust Survivor of Auschwitz and several other labor and death camps.

Appearing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Don Greenbaum

T5, USA, HQ Co., 283rd Field Artillery Bn., 45th Infantry Division, 7th Army

Forward Observer

Purple Heart, French Legion of Honor

Northern France, Rhineland, Central Europe, Normandy and Battle of the Bulge veteran. Liberated Ernie Gross from Dachau

appearing Saturday

Ernie Gross

Dachau Holocaust Survivor

Liberated by Dan Greenbaum

appearing Saturday






WWII Weekend Special Guests and WWII Aircraft are scheduled to attend in the best of faith by all parties.  Unfortunately last minute health concerns, weather factors, and other unexpected issues may prevent a gueats attendance.  Scheduled times and venues are subject to change because of these possibilities.  We apologize if this should occur, however we offer no refunds or reductions.

In some cases an autograph fee may be charged by the Special Guest.


If you are interested in being a special guest at the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum’s World War Weekend next year, please contact the museum in writing via email not later than October 1st for consideration at the following June event so that we may create a contact file.  The event is always held the first FULL weekend in June each year.

Special guests are considered for autographs, book or print signings, and as speakers regarding their military or war-effort experiences.  Thank-you.